The St. Cloud Norsemen are the latest chapter in a rich franchise history that began as the Minnesota Blizzard (2004-2006), became the Alexandria Blizzard (2006-2012), became the Brookings Blizzard (2012-2019), and moved to St. Cloud in 2019, spending one season as the St. Cloud Blizzard before rebranding to the current moniker, the St. Cloud Norsemen (2020-present).

The franchise has 60 former players actively playing in the NCAA or professional hockey in North America, and even more playing Tier I junior hockey or committed to NCAA Division I programs.

Below is a list of former franchise players, currently on active rosters:

Thor Byfuglien (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Chicago Steel (USHL), Committed to St. Cloud State

Tyler Borsch (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Dartmouth College (NCAA DI)

Brett Chorske (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Colorado College (NCAA DI)

Jackson Sabo (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Air Force Academy (NCAA DI)

Cooper Gay (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Fargo Force (USHL)

Paxton Geisel (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL), Committed to Univ. of Denver

Jordon Halverson (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – St. Norbert College (NCAA DIII)

Brendan Kim (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Salve Regina Univ.

Jack Reimann (St Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)

Charlie Skinner (St. Cloud Norsemen 2020-21) – Milwaukee School of Engineering (NCAA DIII)

Jack Suchy (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20, Norsemen 20-21) – Gustavus Adolphus (NCAA DIII)

Tyler Bost (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20) – Nichols College (NCAA DIII)

Adam Flammang (St. Cloud Blizzard 2020) – Cedar Rapids (USHL), Committed to Bemidji State (NCAA DI)

Andrew Hicks (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20) – Augsburg (NCAA DIII)

Freddie Macciocchi (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20) – Skidmore College (NCAA DIII)

Sam Metcalf (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20) – Bethel (NCAA DIII)

Ben Ward (St. Cloud Blizzard 2019-20) – Bethel (NCAA DIII)

Alex Murray (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Miami Univ. (Ohio) (NCAA DI)

Bud Winter (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Saint Mary’s (NCAA DIII)

Luke Aquaro (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Hobart College (NCAA DIII)

Brady Bjork (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Notre Dame (NCAA DI)

Ryan Green (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (NCAA DIII)

Niklas Andrews (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Colorado College (NCAA DI)

Jack Caruso (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Univ. of Denver (NCAA DI)

Kendrick Frost (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Army (NCAA DI)

Shane Hathaway (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Lake Forest College (NCAA DIII)

John Kaljian (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Adrian College (NCAA DIII)

Mark Leach (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – Saint Anselm (NCAA DIII)

Dominic Dumas (Brookings Blizzard 2018-19) – UMass-Dartmouth (NCAA DIII)

Brock Draeger (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18, 18-19, St. Cloud 2019-20) – Univ. of Wisconsin-River Falls (NCAA DIII)

Dylan Schuett (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18, 18-19) – Long Island University (NCAA DI)

Gabriel Wahl (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18, 18-19) – Univ. of Wisconsin-River Falls (NCAA DIII)

Tyler Hinterser (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18, 18-19) – College of St. Scholastica (NCAA DIII)

Zachary Borgiel (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – Merrimack (NCAA DI)

Josh Boyer (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – St. Lawrence University (NCAA DI)

Max Sasson (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – Western Michigan (NCAA DI)

Ryan Dickinson (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – SUNY-Oswego (NCAA DIII)

Jimmy Elser (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – Univ. of New England (NCAA DIII)

Henry Enebak (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – St. John’s (NCAA DIII)

Tim Lopez (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – New England College (NCAA DIII)

Griffen Sanom (Brookings Blizzard 2017-18) – Hobart College (NCAA DIII)

Cameron Babiak (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18, 18-19) – Bowling Green (NCAA DI)

Brendan Aird (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18, 18-19) – St. Norbert College (NCAA DIII)

Chase Brand (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18) – St. Cloud State (NCAA DI)

Carson Kosobud (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18) – Arizona State (NCAA DI)

Derek Hammer (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18) – Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (NCAA DIII)

Connor Koviak (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18) – Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (NCAA DIII)

Ben Perkins (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17, 17-18) – Lake Forest College (NCAA DIII)

Paul Cotter (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – 2018 NHL Draft pick, Vegas Golden Knights, NHL Debut [Nov. 9, 2021], Henderson Silver Knights (AHL)

Roman Ahcan (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – University of Wisconsin (NCAA DI)

Nick Althaus (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior (NCAA DIII)

Cade Borchardt (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Minnesota State (NCAA DI)

Josh Boyko (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Aurora Univ. (NCAA DIII)

Nicholas Cardelli (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Bemidji State (NCAA DI)

Brandon Kruse (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Boston College (NCAA DI), 2018 NHL Draft Pick – Vegas Golden Knights

Taylor Schneider (Brookings Blizzard 2016-17) – Bowling Green (NCAA DI)

Parker Revering (Brookings Blizzard 2015-16, 16-17, 17-18) – American International College (NCAA DI)

Brett Callahan (Brookings Blizzard 2015-16, 16-17) – American International College (NCAA DI)

Martan Yelle (Brookings Blizzard 2015-16, 16-17) – Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior (NCAA DIII)

Toby Sengvongxay (Brookings Blizzard 2015-16) – Gustavus Adolphus (NCAA DIII)

Will Graber (2013-14 Brookings Blizzard) – Fort Wayne Comets (ECHL)

Paul LaDue (2010-11 Alexandria Blizzard NAHL) – Univ. of North Dakota (2013-2016, NCAA Champion), LA Kings NHL (2016-2020), Current: Bridgeport Islanders (AHL)