Host a Norsemen Player

The St. Cloud Norsemen are continually seeking interested parties in the surrounding area to host Norsemen players. Both full-time and temporary housing is needed throughout the season and camps. Typically players arrive in August and stay through April, sometimes mid May based on playoffs. For information on how to become a host family or to simply inquire, please email Erika Boike or call 320-293-0622.

Hosting a Norsemen Player

Become part of the Norsemen family and host a St. Cloud Norsemen player for the season. Host families receive numerous benefits including:


  • Creating lasting relationships with players
  • Support from Norsemen coaches and staff
  • Ticketing packages
  • Monthly compensation to cover expenses



Billeting for the St. Cloud Norsemen has been such an amazing experience for our family. We have made so many great memories with the players that stay with us and are always sad when they need to leave but we are very fortunate to keep in touch with everyone who has been with us over the past 3 seasons. Not only has it become a great experience with the player who joins our family each season, but becoming a part of the Norsemen family of players, their families and all the billets is such a special thing to be a part of. We always look forward to weekend games at the MAC when we can all cheer the team on as one supportive unit which is huge when it comes to the players and their dedication to their hockey career. It takes a village to make a successful thing happen and billeting is a great way to support the players during their hockey journey. We look forward to continuing our billet experience, seeing current billet families and meeting the new families this coming season. Go Norse!

-Kate Meemken


My husband and I began billeting with the Norsemen just two seasons ago and have really been embraced by our billets, the families of our billet sons, the fans at the games, but also the organization as a whole and especially the Boike family. We began with simply having extra space and a desire to help these young men become their very best in junior hockey. For us this means feeding them well, having time together playing games or watching shows or movies, getting good rest, and even outings as their schedule allows. As our family expands from August through to early May, chores are a must and so we have clear expectations of the “boys” keeping their rooms and bathroom clean as well as clearing the dishes after each meal, and of course doing their own laundry. On occasion we need their help with other special projects and our billets have always been respectful and helpful. On game days we light up porch lights in the Norsemen colors and keep them on when they win.


These young men are serious about hockey and there are nights after a loss where it is easier to let there be peace and quiet unless they can or want to talk about it. We attend nearly every home game and are here to support them every night, win or lose. For the families we have been told that we are a comfort to them knowing their son is well taken care of. We often connect with them at games and occasionally for dinner. The Norsemen organization has been excellent to work with. While the NAHL team is relatively new to our area, they already have some great, well established relationships and traditions. They are always positive and prepared for game night, and take suggestions and are always looking for ways to improve the fan experience. The Boike family runs the show every week and thoughtfully connects the billets with their host family using a survey from the billet and knowing the host families really well. As an example, we live 20 minutes from the rink and do not have children or pets. This is not always the best situation for billets because some enjoy getting to have younger children in the house or would rather live closer to the rink.


Every year, Erika picks two players that are perfect for us. She always addresses any concerns immediately and is quick to respond with a solution not just to us but to players’ families as well. The Boikes have spearheaded so many special nights including nights for players and billet moms, dads, local youth hockey teams, veterans recognition, skating with the players after the game, service learning projects in town, fun competitions for fans and so much more I’m sure I’m forgetting. I encourage anyone to host Norsemen players because they are respectful, amazing young athletes who will become part of your family. You support them with food, lodging and family time and they give back so much more. I truly believe this is because they are part of this organization that helps them to become the best well rounded men they can be.

Shelly Chambers


Being a host family for the St. Cloud Norsemen has been a great experience for our family. Over the years we have gotten to have players in our house that have become our sons and brothers. We have been privileged to watch amazing relationships develop between our players as well. Celebrating holidays, birthdays and creating other reasons to celebrate like special Tuesday dinners has led to many fabulous and funny memories. Going to games to cheer on the team is always fun and having our players to cheer for adds to the excitement. We know they love having us there supporting them. Each season it is sad to help the boys pack and move out, but that is never the end of the relationship. We have enjoyed many trips to go watch them play for other junior hockey teams and at college. 

-Amanda Henry